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Taking the class structure to the next level. Modifiable for any skill level and our variety of classes creates the perfect storm for almost anyone fitness goal.

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Welcome to The Armory


The Armory offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training. We touch areas of Bothell, mill creek, Snohomish, Lynnwood, and Everett. We focus on bringing a professional class experience through highly educated personal trainers. The way we program allows us to cater to almost any goal. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, endurance, or just maintenance we have what you need. Our trainers are certified to work one on one with our members to help them get in depth help with their individual goals.

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We offer personal training programs tailored to your fitness goals based on your current level of fitness, and preferred style of exercise.


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Change It Up


A different take on functional fitness…

We offer a variety of classes because we not only believe that we need to be physically fit using functional movements that translate into real life scenarios, but other specific exercises that promote a certain aesthetic look can be huge in promoting a healthy mental state as well as bring additional confidence in oneself. At the end of the day, a stronger muscle and better kinetic chain(mind-muscle connection) is beneficial to everyone so these classes are heavily utilized here at The Armory.


Move Better. Play Longer.

This is our signature class.  A one-stop shop for your fitness needs. We use  functional movements to develop strength and a conditioning base to help prevent injuries and keep us fit as we age. The Move Better Play Longer program can be applied to all aspects of life through functional exercises in the gym that will help you move better outside of the gym. Our workouts are designed to increase and conditioning, cardio endurance, as well as core strength, balance and flexibility.

Loser Town

The home of the unloved and unwanted! No better place to be on a Friday night then at the gym doing bicep curls! This class is all about your guns. All arms for 30 minutes straight. You can’t argue with the facts. Everybody likes having nice arms and statistics show you close more deals, get more dates, and all around crush the life from improvements in your biceps. We are 100% serious…

Move-Better-Play Longer

Booty Town

Are you ready for a life lived only in yoga pants? The struggle is real when looking for pants already, but this will take you to the next level. Booty Town delivers a serious glute and thigh workout. 30 minutes dedicated to pure glute awesomeness. Science has proven that more booty equals better booty. We’ve designed the best workouts for your glutes to ensure we build the proper ratios of toned butt to huge butt. Whatever your booty goals may be let booty town shape them into reality!

Saturday Sweat

Sometimes your time domain just isn’t long enough. Most classes contain 12-15 minute workouts or less. We still bring out the 25 minute domain in some classes but this can take away from time we want to spend practicing more complex movements. Saturday Sweat is all about conditioning. We spend 25-40 minutes every saturday going long. We take down the skill level and load of movements and break the gym into 3 zones. Each zone has different tasks and exercises depending on day but the goal is to keep you moving for the entire time. This longer time domain trains a different energy system and is great for those looking to get more endurance and stamina as well as keep body fat in check.

Move-Better-Play Longer

Sunday Strength

Sunday’s are all about weightlifting! Cardio can be increase daily but on the contrary strength takes a long time to develop and we’re talking years. Another pitfall of most classes is we see about 20 minutes of strength each day. Granted you will gain strength in a lot of conditioning pieces as well due to the awesomeness of crossFit but we want to help advance this process for our members that want more strength. These classes are 90 minutes in duration and consist of a full weightlifting or powerlifting sessions that’s about 60 minutes of pure lifting. Then we spend the last 30 minutes isolated muscles and or working on our core through 3-5 accessory exercises.

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Joel Repesh

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Mallory Long


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