Our Mission

Move Better. Play Longer.

The Armory offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training. We touch areas of Bothell, Mill Creek, Snohomish, Lynnwood, and Everett. These classes are good for weight loss, muscle gaining, increasing endurance and are used by long distance runners to help keep their muscle mass up while training. Our certified trainers run classes on the hour and take you through an entire weightlifting workout and cardio workout. Trainers are also certified to work one on one with clients to help them get a more specific result or help with weight loss.

Our mission is to bring clients to their fitness goals as quickly and safely as possible using functional movements that will directly translate into real life scenarios. My experience in training has brought me to the conclusion that overall fitness should give us confidence in how we look and feel, but also keeps us active, strong, and without sickness, as we age. We look forward to working with individuals seeking education within the fitness world and who are ready to see their bodies change.

Our Vision is to change the industry standard of personal training and group fitness. Our Gym offers a transparent program that can be applied to almost anyone’s goals. We will educate people so that they not only know what it actually takes to get their results but also have all the tools to achieve those fitness and nutrition results. We want to coach and train people so that their lifestyle is directly influenced by their workout routine in the gym. We will create an environment that pushes the community to be better daily. Our members will become so well educated that they will be able to follow advanced programs with little to no help, which will, in turn, get them great results allowing them to move better and play longer. This motto will be passed down through their own family and friends because of the impact we have made.

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